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Vehicle Tracking 2018 (x64).torrent




These tools allow one to plan out possible circulation pathways for buses and trains within a larger context. This process takes into account pedestrian and bicycle traffic and transit safety considerations. In [@Kaehler2014], the authors proposed a vehicle trajectory generation algorithm and incorporated it into the SUMO traffic simulation engine. Their algorithm incorporates the GPS position and heading information into the SUMO mobility simulator model as a set of constraints. These constraints represent the ability of the vehicle to traverse the given physical area. They also incorporated the given driving styles of a passenger and a driver. The authors claim their algorithm is useful for route guidance because it simulates the travel duration within the given area in relation to the planned route for the user. Finally, they utilize a mobile device application (app) that requests a route from the server. Based on the requested route and a humanized route, the server sends a request to the SUMO simulation engine. The mobile app uses the location of the user to determine whether the user has entered a turn region. The mobile app uses an adaptive heuristic algorithm to select the route that the user is closest to following. Henderson [@Henderson2013] proposed a model of human driver behavior in terms of goals and obstacles. Each goal was a road space including crossings, intersections, crosswalks, etc. In the obstacle-avoidance model, the target road space was defined in the form of a vehicle trajectory or a closed curve. The obstacles for each target road space were defined in terms of location, contact points, velocity, and their shapes. The user needed to check the current location and a set of obstacles to make a safe decision on whether to continue on the current road or make a change. To avoid errors, each road space was modeled to include a surrounding physical area and a mental state to calculate the possible paths for human drivers to avoid the obstacles. In [@Henderson2013], the authors suggest that the central nervous system may be utilized to create intelligent vehicle control. The implementation of such a system includes analysis of the way the vehicle drives, and also calculating the road map for future decisions in order to avoid collisions and to reach the desired destination in the most timely manner. Dantas [@dantas2016] conducted a study of the cognitive patterns of Google Glass users. The authors first modeled a driving simulation using Google Glass as a substitute for the human driver. This simulation consisted of a Google Glass driving scenario with the additional support of a lane assist function. They then identified the cognitive




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Vehicle Tracking 2018 (x64).torrent

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